How to Manage your Time when Playing Online Games

Balance is very important whatever things that you are doing with your life. It could be either work, exercise, proper diet, leisure or online games.

Yes! Playing online games is now a part of many people’s lives because of the huge influence that technology has had since the early 1990’s.

The reality of being an online gamer is somewhat different from others as this can also lead you to be addicted to a certain game that you have been playing. Playing the game can take you many hours without you noticing that the time slipping by.

Spending your time playing online games may be either a good or bad thing. For people who are able to manage their time and have self-control, playing an online game is not a problem, however, if you are a new gamer, letting go of the game may take you awhile before you can truly say “it’s about to move on.” Sometimes you just do not realise how long you have been playing until you stop.

It is possible to become addicted to gaming, be it online or just played through a console or P.C. It is not common for someone to become addicted but it does happen to some people, they become consumed by the games they are playing and become detached from their real life’s. They neglect their relationships, studies or jobs and lose touch with time.

  1. Be time conscious- if you want to reduce the time you are playing games, set the alarm to make you stop from playing. In this way, it will remind you that you need to stop playing the game. Just make sure you do stop as soon as possible and not be tempted to start another stage in the game. You can even set your alarm again to notify you when it is time to play again so you are not tempted to return early.
  1. Money- consider how much money it is costing you to play. It is not just the initial purchase price of the game as sometimes games require you to make purchases such as tokens, gold or some sort of resource as play goes on.
  1. Seek help- if things are getting worst, look for help whether from a family member, an organization of your Doctor to discuss whether you have a problem or not and the best way to tackle the issue. It is important if you feel you have a problem that you make the initial decision to do something about it.

What are the Best Video Games for Beginners?

Not all beginners playing video games ask this question. Most of them just go head on with the most difficult game offered and played through it like it was a breeze for them. Lucky for you, these days there are so many platforms to choose from that even the one you have right now, like your smartphone perhaps, can be your very first ‘console’ for the world of gaming. Here are some of the games that you should try, if you are a beginner yourself.

  • 80 Days – you can play this game via tablet or smartphone. This is an amazing narrative adventure game loosely based on the novel by Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days. The player plots his or her route all over the world.
  • Civilization V – this game is available on both Mac and PC. This game makes you a builder of your own civilization, like the ancients did it in the past. You start out as a wandering tribe, finding a place to settle and grow your group. Once you have settled, you lead your civilization into the most advanced high-tech society. The main factor that makes this game attractive to players is because of its complex strategy, where it teaches the player so much about how culture and science develop in a nation while at the same time it provides you with entertainment.
  • Flower – available on both PS3 and PS4 only, this is a relaxing yet gorgeous game which lets you control the wind while blowing petals into the air. The visuals and sounds are lovely, which is something that you can relax in playing without having to worry whether you should win it or not.
  • Grand Theft Auto V – this game is available on numerous game consoles. If you love to fight and want to be on the criminals side, this game is the right one for you. Many consider this game as the technical summit for mainstream design in gaming. The violent narrative of this game may upset some, but the open world environment that this game has is something worth looking into.
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – this is a 2-player fantasy battle-based game which utilizes a range of heroes that come with various abilities. The way the player places them will affect the ongoing war. This game is extremely easy to understand and get to follow the flow, but it can be very compelling since you need to do formulate a lot of strategies as you get to collect various cards and widen your arsenal.

Some of these games may seem a little too much for a beginner, but it is the reason why you should try them out. Once you get to love these games, it will be time to move on to more “advanced” games out there.

5 Horror Games that will give you Goosebumps

If you are a fan of playing games that make you creep in a dark and secluded space wondering what or when something will attack you then you probably love most of the top horror games on the market. But what if I told you that there are some games that are not so well known but still great? It’s time to get spooked because we’re talking about 10 best horror games.


Dollhouse’s plot is centered on the mind of a therapist suspended from his job, a lonely housewife, and a disturbed young child. Each of their lives is conveniently interconnected, and it’s up to the player to decide how everything is going to play out in a non-linear self-driven horror experience. Sounds cool right? Because it looks creepy as hell.

Our Lord and Savior Cthulhu is back?

Yes, there is a new Call of Cthulhu game, haven’t you heard? This was developed by Frogware and Focus home interactive, and it’s the latest horror game in a long-running series developed by old-school author HP Lovecraft. It’s based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name than many of your guys know and love. What we know is that we’re pretty excited.


The Forest.

The forest is a weird, terrifying survival horror game set in a lush and beautiful forest environment. It’s basically an open-ended, open-world survivor game, similar to Day-Z or Stranded Deep or something like that. You’re fighting off creepy humanoid monsters. As always in these games, you’re the lone survivor of the plane crash, and you find yourself in the forest fighting off these guys. They’re kind of like cannibalistic mutants, and they’re really creepy.

Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 is the sequel to; you’ve to guessed it, Outlast. We really don’t know anything about this game’s release date (besides the fact that it was postponed) or anything about the game for that matter other than it’s again being developed by Red Barrels studios. But judging by the Whistleblower DLC, it looks like Red Barrel is really looking to take their franchise to another level.


Doom goes on this list because it deserves to be in it. Doom is more of a first-person shooter, but it embraces horror troops and the original was pretty creepy. It remains to be seen how scary Id software made this game, but I am counting on it to be absolutely awesome and visceral and full of destruction, blood and gore, violation of every demon’s personal space right and all that fun stuff.

As there are new games upcoming every month there are really too many choices to make. But not every game is worth playing and we, hardcore horror game fans, are well aware of that. But at least we can try to change the gaming society by not buying and play those horrible abominations of game titles and thus make game developing companies to simply make better games.

Gaming as a hobby for life

If you don’t know what to do with your free time, and you are all out of ideas then maybe it’s time to try gaming if you haven’t already. You probably have friends who are constantly playing video games, and you just don’t know what’s so special about staying at home, playing games. Well, in this article we will try to explain just why it’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment in today’s world.

Gaming Genres

First of all, there are numerous game genres. You can pick any genre you like. For example, if you want a peaceful game, you can play fishing. If you want a shooter, go with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Adventure with millions of other players? World of Warcraft. If you want to be very competitive, go with League of Legends or DOTA2. Want to build something – Minecraft, and so on, and so on. When it comes to gaming, it doesn’t matter which game you play; it matters that you enjoy playing it and that the time you spend playing that game is a time well spent.


Many possibilities of gaming

The best part about gaming is that you can either do it alone or with friends. There are single player and multiplayer games. Some games are a bit of both, like World of Warcraft for example. In such games, you can play alone, but if you want to ”finish” the game, you will have to team up with a bunch of people. So if you just want to spend some alone time and play your favorite game, you can. However, if you feel lonely or simply want to spend time with your buddies you can either call them to come over and game on your consoles or find them online.

Gaming and Socializing

Games are the foundation of many friendships. Some people even found the love of their lives online, through games.

If you think that you are bad at socializing because of anxiety or any other disorder, you can try it online where nobody knows who you are and simply disconnect if you think the things have gone wrong. Many people overcame their fear of meeting new people / socializing simply by playing games and meeting new people online. It’s a controlled environment from which you can disconnect at any given moment and stay anonymous for as long as you like.

Benefits of Gaming

If you think that gaming is unhealthy, and that’s the reason why you haven’t tried it yet, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are numerous scientific proofs that it is quite beneficial.

For example, people have had success with curing dyslexia by simply playing video games. There is research which shows that surgeons perform thirty percent better if they spend only a couple of hours a week playing video games. Some video games like football, basketball, and tennis make kids want to become more active when they go outside. Games can also help ease the pain. There are much more beneficial effects of gaming, but that shouldn’t be your main reason to start playing video games. What should be is to see whether or not it suits you, and if it does, enjoy endless possibilities of the gaming world.

How to Increase Your Level in Dragon City?

Enthusiastic players will get huge fun and entertainment when they play the dragon city game online. It is a friendly game with beautiful pictures dragon city image 2and it is a good game for a player under the age of 18. Dragon city will create an excellent environment for the players who play the game in online.

There are 8 basic elements present in the dragon city and each has its own merits and demerits. People have to know the instructions about these 8 elements in order to play the game in an effective manner without issues.

Even cheat codes and hacks are available for this creative dragon city game and you can utilize it if you know the game rules correctly. Hack code software is available for both beginners and experienced players and you can select based on your level.

If you get the countless number of gems in the dragon city, you can win the game in an easy way without problems. Different habitats are available for those basic 8 elements and they are terra, flame, sea, nature, electric, ice, legendary and some others.

Individuals are able to earn plenty of gold in the game when they put the number of dragons in their respective habitats. Players are able to earn amounts of gold when they put the dragons in the habitat.

Each and every dragon will earn gold based on their level. If they like to improve the gold earning, players have to feed food for the young ones. A player of dragon city will gain a different experience when they play the game after understanding the instructions.

To get good experience in dragon city game, one has to purchase a farm and to sell that again and again. If they do this work continuously and then they can gain experience in this wonderful and exciting game.

Players have to play dragon league tournament with their dragons in order to earn the gems in the game. Level of the players will get boosted up only when they gain experience in buying and selling it. Daily bonus reward in the dragon city can get reaped by individuals only if they possess some quantity of luck.

dragon city middle image

One has to build a dragon stadium on the game and they have to allow their dragon to fight against it. If they win the tournament, they can get a chance to earn 2 gems and gold.

If players increase their level, they can be able to earn gems at that time also. The buildings that have to be building in the later levels of the dragon city are Breeding Mountain, temples, dragon stadium, crystals and food farm.

Territory can get increased by players if they possess too many habitats in the city. To get rewards, gold and gems in the game, they have to build the buildings in a good manner by attacking other dragons.

Feeding food for the young dragons will help the beginners to earn the gold in a simplest way without any issues. Players have to pick the right playing guild to earn plenty of gems and gold.

You should try these indie games

Indie scene is packed with bad games from uninventive developers. But that scene provided us with lots of fun over the years. Yes, indie games can be good, and following examples will show you the diversity of that scene.
maxresdefault (11)Only the people who have a prejudice against indie games didn’t play FTL aka Faster Than Light. This is a simple rogue-like game that takes the player into space. The player gets to fly one of the several ships in a desperate run to the end of the galaxy to deliver crucial info about the enemies. The events the player experiences every time he jumps from location to location are completely randomized. The player also needs to outrun the rebel fleet, and if he doesn’t, he is faced with powerful enemies. This game is hard, and you will die and get frustrated a lot, but that adds to the games appeal.
If you want a fast-paced game packed with violence, then you should try Hotline Miami. The age of top-down games is long gone. Hotline Miami is a reminder of how a game like that can be good. Hotline-Miami-2-e1412937477636They gameplay is simple, and you get a call, and you arrive at the location where you have to kill all the bad guys. How? Well, any way you want, fists, guns, and other items. As any other exciting fast paced game, you will die, and die, and die again. One shot and you are dead, but one button press and there you are again, in front of the location ready to try again. 20160306231212877Even though the game is quite simple, it involves strategy, as you will have to think about the order in which you kill people. The stealth system is also there, so it has a lot of depth.
You have probably heard about Kerbal Space Program, but you didn’t think it was worth the money. Well, that was a mistake, because this game is absorbing, especially for those who like simulations. The game places you in the charge of the space program where you build rockets to explore moons and planets in the fictional solar system. This isn’t an easy game and it takes a lot of skill to achieve the stable orbit around the globe. Landing on two moons or even on other planets and safely returning from those trips is reserved for professionals.
msgdh5lefrr7jdhsfrijAny list of the best indie games would be meaningless without Minecraft. This game gives the player a whole pixelated blocky world to explore. In Minecraft, you start with nothing but your hands and your incredibly large inventory. The player has a freedom to do anything they want in the game. Some choose survival, and they try to thrive in the world of Minecraft while others want a creative mode where they have an indefinite amount of resources to create anything without even a minute of mining.

The best thing about Minecraft is its modding community. Hundreds of different modes exist for Minecraft. Some of those modes improve the graphics and add new textures while some modes completely overhaul the game.

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