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Indie scene is packed with bad games from uninventive developers. But that scene provided us with lots of fun over the years. Yes, indie games can be good, and following examples will show you the diversity of that scene.
maxresdefault (11)Only the people who have a prejudice against indie games didn’t play FTL aka Faster Than Light. This is a simple rogue-like game that takes the player into space. The player gets to fly one of the several ships in a desperate run to the end of the galaxy to deliver crucial info about the enemies. The events the player experiences every time he jumps from location to location are completely randomized. The player also needs to outrun the rebel fleet, and if he doesn’t, he is faced with powerful enemies. This game is hard, and you will die and get frustrated a lot, but that adds to the games appeal.
If you want a fast-paced game packed with violence, then you should try Hotline Miami. The age of top-down games is long gone. Hotline Miami is a reminder of how a game like that can be good. Hotline-Miami-2-e1412937477636They gameplay is simple, and you get a call, and you arrive at the location where you have to kill all the bad guys. How? Well, any way you want, fists, guns, and other items. As any other exciting fast paced game, you will die, and die, and die again. One shot and you are dead, but one button press and there you are again, in front of the location ready to try again. 20160306231212877Even though the game is quite simple, it involves strategy, as you will have to think about the order in which you kill people. The stealth system is also there, so it has a lot of depth.
You have probably heard about Kerbal Space Program, but you didn’t think it was worth the money. Well, that was a mistake, because this game is absorbing, especially for those who like simulations. The game places you in the charge of the space program where you build rockets to explore moons and planets in the fictional solar system. This isn’t an easy game and it takes a lot of skill to achieve the stable orbit around the globe. Landing on two moons or even on other planets and safely returning from those trips is reserved for professionals.
msgdh5lefrr7jdhsfrijAny list of the best indie games would be meaningless without Minecraft. This game gives the player a whole pixelated blocky world to explore. In Minecraft, you start with nothing but your hands and your incredibly large inventory. The player has a freedom to do anything they want in the game. Some choose survival, and they try to thrive in the world of Minecraft while others want a creative mode where they have an indefinite amount of resources to create anything without even a minute of mining.

The best thing about Minecraft is its modding community. Hundreds of different modes exist for Minecraft. Some of those modes improve the graphics and add new textures while some modes completely overhaul the game.

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