How to Increase Your Level in Dragon City?

Enthusiastic players will get huge fun and entertainment when they play the dragon city game online. It is a friendly game with beautiful pictures dragon city image 2and it is a good game for a player under the age of 18. Dragon city will create an excellent environment for the players who play the game in online.

There are 8 basic elements present in the dragon city and each has its own merits and demerits. People have to know the instructions about these 8 elements in order to play the game in an effective manner without issues.

Even cheat codes and hacks are available for this creative dragon city game and you can utilize it if you know the game rules correctly. Hack code software is available for both beginners and experienced players and you can select based on your level.

If you get the countless number of gems in the dragon city, you can win the game in an easy way without problems. Different habitats are available for those basic 8 elements and they are terra, flame, sea, nature, electric, ice, legendary and some others.

Individuals are able to earn plenty of gold in the game when they put the number of dragons in their respective habitats. Players are able to earn amounts of gold when they put the dragons in the habitat.

Each and every dragon will earn gold based on their level. If they like to improve the gold earning, players have to feed food for the young ones. A player of dragon city will gain a different experience when they play the game after understanding the instructions.

To get good experience in dragon city game, one has to purchase a farm and to sell that again and again. If they do this work continuously and then they can gain experience in this wonderful and exciting game.

Players have to play dragon league tournament with their dragons in order to earn the gems in the game. Level of the players will get boosted up only when they gain experience in buying and selling it. Daily bonus reward in the dragon city can get reaped by individuals only if they possess some quantity of luck.

dragon city middle image

One has to build a dragon stadium on the game and they have to allow their dragon to fight against it. If they win the tournament, they can get a chance to earn 2 gems and gold.

If players increase their level, they can be able to earn gems at that time also. The buildings that have to be building in the later levels of the dragon city are Breeding Mountain, temples, dragon stadium, crystals and food farm.

Territory can get increased by players if they possess too many habitats in the city. To get rewards, gold and gems in the game, they have to build the buildings in a good manner by attacking other dragons.

Feeding food for the young dragons will help the beginners to earn the gold in a simplest way without any issues. Players have to pick the right playing guild to earn plenty of gems and gold.

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